John Wehausen

Wildlife Population Ecology

UC White Mountain Research Station
3000 E. Line Street
Bishop, Ca. 93514
(760) 873-4563

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B.A. (1972) Univ. of California, Berkeley (Biol. Sci. Field Major).
M.S. (1973) Univ. of California, Davis (Range Management).
Ph.D. (1980) Univ. of Michigan (Nat. Resources - Wildlife Management).

Current Research:

Dr. Wehausen has been developing long term data sets on the demography of bighorn sheep populations in California for a quarter century. These vary from populations occupying high mountains to low desert ranges. This work focuses on short term conservation problems while simultaneously developing long term data sets that address fundamental theory underlying conservation approaches. A broad range of factors that influence demography are researched.

Selected Publications:

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Selected Recent Publications:

John D. Wehausen and Rob Roy Ramey II. 2000. Cranial Morphometric and Evolutionary Relationships in the Northern Range of Ovis canadensis. Jl. Mammology 81(1):145-161. pdf file

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