Crooked Creek Station (CCR)
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Crooked Creek Station is located in the Bristlecone/Limber Pine forest at an elevation of 10,200'. This is WMRC's most modern facility, and sleeps 50 persons at full capacity. The facility includes a classroom, computer room with broadband internet, a backup satellite internet connection, and a smaller meeting room. A full kitchen and dining facility operates during the open season, generally between June 1 and October 31. There are also four dry lab spaces. For interactive panoramas of Crooked Creek facilities and the surrounding area, click here.


View from north: Clarence Hall Lodge and associated facilities (6-19-04)
View from south: Dorm, Clarence Hall Lodge, lab, (left to right) and parking area. 5-22-04

View of buildings from hill east of station 8-20-09 (click on photo to enlarge)
The dining room occupies most of the ground floor of the lodge. 5-04
The dining room is often used during the day as a work space. The kitchen can be seen in the rear.
The classroom occupies most of the upstairs level of the lodge building. The room to the right of the chalk board has been converted into a computer lab with two computers and a printer. Wireless internet is available throughout the station.
The back of the classroom is used as a lounge area with TV/DVD/VCR. There is also a "Hughes Net" satellite uplink for backup internet communication.
The Bristlecone Pine Demography Project from UCSC has improved the lab space at Crooked Creek. The north lab has tables, counter space and cabinets. 7-31-09
The north lab also has a walk-in closet (to the right behind the geen cabinets). Currently, the laboratory space at Crooked Creek lacks functional plumbing (i.e. is dry lab space only).7-31-09
The middle lab also has a walk-in closet, around the corner to the left). Herbarium cabinets are on the right. We are assembling a Crooked Creek herbarium collection to supplement the GLORIA project. 7-31-09
An outdoor deck with picnic tables is located betweent the lodge and the dorm.
This is the south lab. 7-31-09
Upstairs in room A are 4 beds and a large closet.
Bristlecone Cabins A&B
Upstairs, the lodge also has one bedroom and a bathroom.
Bristlecone Cabins A & B
Bristlecone cabin bedroom
The Bristlecone cabin actually consists of four separate cabins.
Bedroom in the Bristlecone Cabin
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